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Air Source heat pumps


An Air Source Heat Pump professionally installed by Wilson H&V will draw in heat from the air outside air and transfers this heat via refrigeration and a heat exchanger to provide you with your heating and hot water needs by distributing it via the usual means of radiators or underfloor heating, and straight into the hot water cylinder for the most cost effective way to provide heat to a home.

The best thing is that even when the outside temperature is below zero, 100% of your heating and hot water needs can still be generated. Add to this your existing or allow us to install new solar panels and your heating costs will be negligible

A heat pump will keep your home at the temperature you decide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…AND will eliminate your gas bill completely.



Wilson H&V services Engineers have undertaken Daikin, Dimplex, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and LG training and are certified installers along with MCS and Part P and F Gas. Our current favourite are LG Air Source Heat Pump’s due to the major brand back up and low failure rate. These use an evaporator and a heat exchanger to boil the refrigerant (boils at approximately -10˚C) and the act of boiling turns the refrigerant into vapour which is then transferred to the Compressor.

The Compressor then literally compresses the vapour and as its volume decreases, its temperature increases and the gas that is created by this is fed through to a heat exchanger within the heat pump.

Forcing this hot gas through the central heating system’s cold water condenses the refrigerant back into a liquid but as it does this its heat is passed into the heat exchanger which creates the heat that supplies your domestic hot water cylinder coil and powers the central heating system.

To complete the Air Source Heat Pump’s closed circuit, the pressure of the condensed liquid is reduced via the expansion valve and your heating and hot water requirements are provided!

RHI – Get paid Government subsidies to help offset the capital outlay. 

Around 4 kilowatts of energy is produced for every kilowatt of energy supplied to run the ESP air source heat pumps (ASHP). This means the product has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4. So for every £1 you spend in powering one of our air source heat pumps you will generate £4 worth of energy to heat or cool your property.

Compare this to boilers, which typically have a COP of 1. For example, conventional eco boilers claiming to be 95% efficient will only produce 95p worth of energy for every £1 spent. In practice, a high COP of 4 means our customers benefit from significantly reduced carbon emissions and lower running costs, compared to traditional heating systems.

As mentioned above, you can add solar panels to the installation and all but eliminate these costs. But to encourage you further the Government has launched the RHI, see more here:

Each heat pump needs to be designed to fit your homes heat requirements, and hot water demands. A heat loss calculation will need to be undertaken, and your system metered for RHI payments. Existing customers of Wilson H&V have shown payments of up to £1000 per annum, and these are payable over 7 years. Coupled with the Gas savings these can on some installations almost offset the capital outlay of the installation. But don’t take our word for it, look at the calculation yourself.