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Although a relatively small company in the UK, in October 2016 Which? named Intergas in the top 5 boiler manufacturer based on both consumer and trader feedback.

The Intergas brand began life under the name of Machinefabriek van de Wetering. This Deutsch company had been producing wooden bathtubs and laundry wringers in the Netherlands since 1939. It was the discovery of natural gas in the North of the country in the mid-sixties that brought about a shift to heating products.

About Intergas

In 1989 Intergas produced its first condensing boiler. As the first country to focus on the energy efficiency of boilers they became the top brand in condensing boiler technology. Today, award winning Intergas boilers are available in more than 20 countries including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the US and Canada with over 1,200,000 boilers installed worldwide.

Intergas positions itself as the “reliable and environmentally responsible solution to heating and hot water needs worldwide”. With the invention of the two-in-one Double High Efficiency heat exchanger in 1996 the landscape of boiler technology changed. It was the first combination high efficiency boiler with far less components than any other product on the market.

Its innovative design eliminated the need for components such as a diverter valve and auto-air vent, reducing the risk of component failure resulting in higher energy efficiency in both domestic hot water and central heating.

Intergas HE boilers offer a degree of flexibility in their installation, meaning the potential inconvenience of a boiler change is kept to a minimum, as it is possible to install the hot water system first and connect the central heating system later.

In addition, due to the unique design of the Intergas heat exchanger, you will still have hot water even if the pump fails.